Veterans Day on the Crystal Coast

Veterans Day on the Crystal Coast

How was your Veterans Day?

First all, Thank you for your service to all of the military personnel, active and retired.

I had a good time with my granddaughter. We went to the Aquarium on Pine Knoll Shores. Then we went to the beach and Dairy Queen. There is so much to do on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Many are free and a short drive. Links are below.

Some of the free activities are beaches, nature trails, boardwalks and museums. See the link directly below to find out what interests you!

About our day…

We arrived at the Aquarium and had a hard time finding a parking space. They have free admission every now and then on a special holiday such as Veterans Day.  So the parking was difficult since it was pretty busy, but worth it. I think my granddaughter’s favorite things there was the touch tank, the kids play area and the analysis center for the turtles. It was nice for them to have interactive activities for the kids to do, other than walk around and look at the exhibits. We visited the gift shop inside the aquarium. They have a lot of fun and nice items there like T-shirts, hats, glasses, jigsaw puzzles, books and toys. My granddaughter wanted everything in the shop. LOL

The beach was very nice. My granddaughter enjoyed it. She got on the swings, and then climbed on a turtle. She even got to digging in the sand like a dog then she lay in the hole she dug. After the beach, we went to get food and ice cream from Dairy Queen. She played some of the arcade games and when she ate her ice cream, I think she was wearing more on her face than what she ate.

If you are ever on the Crystal Coast, I recommend going to the beach and the aquarium. Some of my favorite places to go are the Morehead City and Beaufort waterfronts, Harkers Island, Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras.



Mary Barham

We def need to visit there!! sounds like so much fun! I know it will be a memory your granddaughter will keep forever!


    It is a nice place to live and visit. Thank you for the comment!


We LOVE going to the beach, but it just doesn’t happen often enough. Aquariums are really cool too, especially for our girls who love sea life.


    We had a good time. Thanks for the comment!


Sounds like a fun day!

One Awesome Momma


    We had a good day! Thanks 😉


When my kids were little, we loved going to aquariums where ever we vacationed. They can be so different. One of their favorites was in South Carolina, Ripleys!


    Oh! I’ve been to the Ripley’s once in Myrtle Beach. It’s very cool. Thank you for the comment!

Shann Eva

Sounds like a really great day! The touch tank sounds awesome! My oldest had school on Veteran’s day, and they had a parade of all the local Veterans in their school. It was really nice to see them honored.


    We had a great day! Sounds like the parade was great. It’s great to have the kids involved. Thank you for the comment!

Stacy- Taylor411

I would love to be at the beach and aquarium right now. What better day to spend the holiday!


    It was a good day. Thank you for the comment!

Erin @ Stay at Home Yogi

Looks like a fun area to visit! We love aquariums!


    It is a nice place to live and visit. Thanks for the comment!

Elizabeth Doren

The touch tank sounds great. My two year old would love it.


Sounds like you had a great time!

Candace @ Fullest Mom

The beach is a good place to go for Veteran’s Day. This year we ended up going to my parents but previous times, we did a few boating/beach events. Bless every soldier and their families. They fought so hard to let us have this freedom. As long as the time is spent with this recognition, it is a day well celebrated. Thank you for this post.


Sounds like a great day. We love aquariums


I haven’t been to the beach in a long time, but it looks good to me! Someone near us has a turtle like that in their year though!


    Their turtle sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the comment. 😉