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The Jist of My Blog

I am new to this whole blogging thing. So, I’m gonna give it a shot. I appreciate any tips and feedback from my fellow bloggers as well as readers.

I enjoy many things and will be posting a little bit of everything. I enjoy music, movies, site seeing, spending time with family and friends, meeting new folks, travel, health, fitness, crafts, home improvements, cooking, baking and basically anything DIY.

I have two grown children and two grandbabies and another due in November. Two cats, I’ve had Adie for about 9 years and Valentine adopted me in February. I guess that’s what I get for feeding him once. LOL! I named him Valentine because he appeared some time close to Valentine’s day and it seems to fit since he’s so lovable. Adie was named because of the appearance of her nose. From a distance, it looks like the mustache snip similar to Adolf Hitler, so Adie for short. Update: new grandbaby was born November 27, 2016.

The reason for my blog name is because I like to be free-spirited and be able to flow like the wind. That’s probably why I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve tried so many home-based businesses. I am currently an Independent Distributor for It Works! Global. I decided to join this company because I am always trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I love the products and the way the make me feel and look.