20 Natural Ingredient Hacks

20 Natural Ingredient Hacks

I have always thought that natural ingredients are the way to go over using medications. There are so many healing powers in natural foods, plants, seeds and roots. For instance; lemons, ginger root, vinegar and coconut oil are just a few. I can remember when I was little and my mother would make me a heaping tablespoon of honey and lemon juice when I had a sore throat and would make a chewing tobacco and water concoction for bee stings. There are so many ingredients to relieve many ailments or problems that are readily available in your kitchen and the local grocery store.

I am still learning how to eat and prepare healthier foods. I know that some food makes me feel terrible. Such as I get headaches soon after eating certain food. I have to control myself from buying and eating some food because I know how it will make me feel as well as worrying about weight-gain. I do give in at times and pay the consequences for that decision.

Here are just 20 ingredients and what they have been known to help

  • Almonds – headaches
  • Aloe Vera – cuts, burns and scrapes
  • Apples – heartburn
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – congestion
  • Black Pepper – indigestion
  • Cinnamon – lower blood pressure
  • Cranberries – urinary tract infections
  • Coconut Oil – spit ends and dry skin
  • Cucumbers – puffy eyes
  • Garlic – heart and blood clots
  • Ginger- stomach problems and menstrual cramps
  • Green Tea – metabolism and energy
  • Honey – skin brightener
  • Mint – bad breath
  • Oats – eczema and skin polisher
  • Prunes – constipation
  • Salt – skin polisher
  • Sugar – hiccups
  • Turmeric – infections
  • Water – headaches, hunger, over-all health

As we all know there are health conditions that medications are required. I did not write this post up in order to replace your medications but for awareness of natural option choices. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to stop medication without consulting your physician first.