Many people say…

Many people say…

Hello everybody! I hope everybody is doing great!

I recently decided to make some changes in my eating habits and lifestyle to go Vegan.  I first decided to go vegan for my health, but then after learning more about veganism, I learned about other reasons; the animals, the environment, and the world. So ethically and morally, it seems like the right choice.

Many people say…

It’s ok to eat eggs, beef, pork, and seafood and honey because they have been programmed from a very young age that it’s part of the food chain. But they don’t think about the origination of where the food comes from and that they didn’t directly do the slaughtering, that it’s ok to not think about it. If they had to kill the animals, they would think again. If they saw the animals living conditions, they would make changes. Stop the unnecessary cruelty to animals!

We don’t think about the harm that’s being done and how inhumane it is when we order a meal or shop for food. I watched the videos of how the animals are raised, treated from beginning to end. I recommend anyone that has a caring heart to have an open mind and watch this video and others that are available online, YouTube and Netflix. *Beware* the videos can be disturbing but so true. But think about it like this, if you can’t watch it; do you really want to eat the products that come from these animals?

We can get all the nutrients and energy we need from plant life. If everybody would start by not eating meat for one day, it would save so much energy, water, and animal lives. Then try it for one week, just see how you feel. Then try it for a month. I found lots of recipes that I want to try out. This is going to be a grand adventure! Here are some websites for some recipes.

Recipes are so easy to find all over the internet.  Also, Pinterest is the BOMB!!!!

Check out the recipes and the Vegan lifestyle. Be good to the Earth and all the living creatures!

Happy Vegging!!!!