Handling Stress- Made Easy with this Wonderful Product

Handling Stress- Made Easy with this Wonderful Product

We all know all about stress! I appreciate anything that will help lessen my stress level. How about you? Here is a product that will help do just that if you are ever pulled over by law enforcement, at a road block or in an auto accident.  www.thepulloverpal.com  This product is especially useful for the hearing impaired. It holds all of your necessary documents to place on the driver window for the official to view easily.

Here are some of the reviews made on this product…

Copied from https://www.facebook.com/pg/pulloverpal/reviews/?ref=page_internal

I have run into some embarrassing situations before when being pulled over. The officer approaches me and asks for my license, registration, and insurance card and I begin to fumble through my messy glovebox looking for the requested documents.
Now with Pullover Pal I can keep all of my important documents handy. It is quality made with durable stitching and has plenty of room to store all of my important documents.
Thanks Pullover Pal!

Love this product. Great quality! I keep it in my door panel so it’s easy access before the officer reaches my window. When I’m not in the car, it fits nicely in my purse so my ID and other docs are ready when needed.

Beautiful idea! We deafies need to have show our Driver’s license, registration and insurance cards in Pullover Pal pocket to any cops for safe! � I already order today. � Thank you, Pullover Pal! �

A visionary product that will no doubtlessly avoid misunderstandings and save lives. I’m sold!!! #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney


And a message from the owner/inventor of The Pullover Pal…


Our goal is to have happy customers, so if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, please message us and let us know why so we can do better in the future! Thanks 😉


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