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Pretty Tissue Flowers are so Easy to Make

Every girl loves flowers! I like all kinds of flowers, pictures of flowers, floral prints, objects created into flowers, even paper flowers. I like the faux flowers best because they won’t wilt away and is nice to decorate with them. I recently made some tissue paper flowers for my daughter after the birth of my newest granddaughter.

Here are directions on how I made them and the supplies that you will need:

Tissue paper, any colors or print

Floral wire

Floral tape

Scotch tape




I used 2 sheets of tissue paper in 2 colors for a 2-tone look. I stacked the sheets together and folded in 4ths and cut on the folds. Have the shiny sides down towards the outside. I put the darkest on the bottom so it will show on the outside of the flower. Start folding in accordion style about an inch wide.  Fold in half and tie with wire. However it cooperates for you, with tape, stapler or wire to secure it, without tearing the paper. And cut in rounded or spikes around the edges. I experimented with it some. Then start separating the sheets carefully. After you have separated each sheet, secure sides with stapler and/or tape. Then cut at least 4 pieces of wire in however long you desire, or a very long piece and fold it to the final size. After you have your wires lined up right, secure it to the wire on your flower, then wrap with the floral tape. I made 3 of these flowers and made the wire long enough that it can be wrapped around something to display or can be kept long and twisted to put in a vase. I think it would also look pretty to add a touch of paint on the petals and maybe some glitter. Also, you can have the paper larger for larger flowers as long as you have 8 sheets or more total. The larger the sheets and more sheets, the larger and fuller the flower will be.

Use your imagination! The beauty of crafting is that there is no right or wrong way, just happy mistakes made into terrific innovations. Crafters learn from each project, see what works best and everybody’s crafty eye is different.

If you make any of these tissue flowers, send me pics and comments.

Thanks, SpryGirl 😉

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy doing anything creative. I recently started buying materials to do paper crafts. My daughter is having a baby girl soon and I will be making her a bouquet of flowers out of tissue paper. I like that idea because they won’t wilt and she would be able to keep them longer and decorate the baby’s room with them. I found many YouTube videos for paper flowers using tissue paper, crepe paper, and scrapbook paper.

I’m also crocheting a blanket for the baby. It is just about done. It has a yellow center and stripes of white, green and pink. I can’t decide if I want to crochet a flower or a butterfly to go in the center. What do you think? See picture…

I am also making Christmas presents for my family. I like to use knitting looms a lot for scarves, hats, bathmats, washcloths, placemats and runners. Crochet kitchen towels and bath scrubbies. Make novelty boxes out of scrapbook paper and file folders. My family also likes eatable gifts too. I usually make no-bake cookies and old fashioned cinnamon rock candy. My kids always request those goodies every year. I posted those recipes for you!

I have made lots of jewelry also. I can make earrings and bracelets pretty fast. My favorite materials to work with are glass beads, memory wire, and fishhook earring findings. I am self-taught and have mastered the techniques for attaching headpins to findings. It is a little difficult at first and takes time to get the technique down. One of my favorite types of jewelry to make is chain maille. I love the way the rosettes look in a bracelet and earrings.

I have so many interests in the crafting world (new and old) and so little time. I’m sure you can all relate. LOL

Have a wonderful day!